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ARMA 3 MilSim Group

DigitalThemePark’s MilSim is a mature military realism group. Our group teaches real-world military tactics and effective communication. We focus around the Bohemia Interactive ARMA military simulators, but these strategies and tactics apply to any first-person team-based shooter. Although we are disciplined, we are not an extreme “yes sir, no sir” group. This “military realism” comes into play on the battlefield and in the rank system we use. To put it simply, excellence in teamwork and tactical competence is our top priority.

We welcome absolutely anyone and everyone to join our group, no matter what your skill level or kill-to-death ratio is. Our group is open to players from all over the globe. Joining our group is like becoming part of an elite club. As such, it’s not an overnight task to make you one of us. We’re looking for people willing to commit to grow and excel with our group.

Many of our members are dedicated people who put a ton of time and effort into literally giving away some of the best tactics in the first person shooter gaming community. Due to this, we naturally want to ensure that the people we recruit have a good grip on what they can expect to gain by joining us. It is also important that the recruit know what we expect of them in return.

When we get down and dirty on the battlefield, we expect every member to behave as if it were real. We expect all players to follow the orders of those above them in rank, and to jump into action at the drop of a hat for their squad leader or commanding player. We are not babysitters. We are a mature group that functions as a seamless unit, not a bunch of mindless individuals. To dominate, everyone must work together and do so without hesitation. This is something we expect of you, but by making it an expectation for all members, we can guarantee this experience to all recruits and long term members alike.

We are looking for the kind of team players who get the job done.