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JJ’s Racing Club

Welcome to JJ’s Assetto Corsa Racing Club. If you are looking for mature, relaxed, friendly and fun racing, this is the place for you. From beginners to experienced sim drivers, we welcome all. Our races will feature a variety of cars and tracks, including proven mods for which we will provide download links. If you need any help then don’t hesitate to ask on TeamSpeak… 

Current Simulator and Recommended Mods

  • Our current sim of choice is Assetto Corsa and can be found here on Steam. Multiplayer server name is DigitalThemePark.
  • Helicorsa situational awareness radar found here.
  • Optional, but highly recommended:
    • Content Manager found here. (Full version recommended)
      • Custom Shaders Patch found here. It adds a large number of settings to AC and they are accessible within the Content Manager under Settings/Custom Shaders Patch.
    • Sol graphics/weatherFX app found here at Race Department.
    • A3PP post processing app found here.
    • Crew Chief Ex voice spotter app found here.

Rules and Regulations

  • Register for a race! We would hate to have to turn you away on race day because of a full session.
  • Follow all safety rules as if you were in a real car on a real track.
  • If you hit another driver during a race and disadvantage them, you are required to slow (or stop) to let the other driver regain the position on you.
  • Keep your race sounds from bleeding through your Teamspeak mic.
  • Observe all safety flags and lights.
  • No deliberate distraction of other drivers.

Points System

  • Practice: (no points added or deducted)
  • Qualify: (no points added or deducted)
  • Race:
    • 10 pts – 1st, 9 pts – 2nd, 8 pts – 3rd, and so on
    • Collision with other car: 1 point deduction
    • Collision with environment: 1 point deduction
    • Cut track: 1 point deduction

Below are a few of our recent Championship Race events.