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DCS: F/A-18C Workshop-REVISIT

Revisit of the DCS and F/A-18C workshops

We will be conducting a series of fast-paced ongoing weekly training workshops to revisit the F/A-18C. It is recommended that you have our previous qualification in this aircraft as this will be a series of weekly workshops covering multiple areas.

When: Sunday (repeating weekly), 8:00a PT / 11:00p ET / 1500 UTC
Where: Teamspeak3 @
Prerequisite: Previous DTP qualification in this aircraft

– DCS World Open Beta v2.5
– DCS F/A-18C (purchased add-on)
– TeamSpeak 3 & SRS

Note: Don’t worry if you are unsure about downloading DCS from Eagle Dynamics or Steam as we can sort that out.

Here are a few of the topics we will be covering:

  • What is DCS (Digital Combat Simulator)?
  • How does it differentiate and complement other simulators you may be used to.
  • Installation of DCS World Open Beta v2.5 (Eagle Dynamics and Steam delivery systems)
  • Navigating around the DCS Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Recommended settings for graphics (monitors and Virtual Reality(VR) headsets), audio, etc. specific to your hardware.
  • Configuring your controller(s) and recommended tuning, etc.
  • Optimal settings for TeamSpeak 3. Later in the course, we will complement the audio with Simple Radio System (SRS) and provide setup and configuration.
  • Introduction to the multi-role F/A18C Hornet fighter aircraft.
  • Tour of the cockpit and systems overview.
  • Preflight, startup, taxi, takeoff, and shutdown procedures.
  • Heads-Up Display (HUD), Up-Front Controller (UFC), and the Integrated Fuel & Engine Indicator (IFEI).
  • Visual Flight Rules (VFR) patterns and airfield landings.
  • Automatic Direction Finder (ADF) and Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN) Navigation.
  • Waypoint Navigation.
  • MIDS/Link16 Datalink and Situational Awareness (SA) Display.
  • Flight Performance Advisory System (FPAS)
  • Formation Flying and Tanker Refueling
  • Carrier Operations, Taxi, Takeoff, and CASE I Recovery.
  • Carrier Operations for CASE III Recovery
  • 20-mm M61 Vulcan Gun (Air-to-Air Mode).
  • AIM-9L/M “Sidewinder” Short Range Air-to-Air Missile.
  • AIM-7 “Sparrow” Short-Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile.
  • AIM-120B/C Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile.
  • Track While Scan (TWS) Radar Mode.
  • Air-to-Ground (AG) Rockets and Gun.
  • AUTO to CCIP Bombing and Unguided Bombs.
  • Litening II Pod and Laser Guided Bombs.
  • AGM-65F and AGM-65E Maverick Bombs.
  • AGM-62 ER/DL Walleye II Bomb.
  • AGM-88C HARM Missile.
  • AGM-84D Harpoon.
  • AGM-154A and AGM-154C, JSOW and JDAM Bombs.

Below are the Workshop events: (latest to earliest)