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Help: JoinFS Connect

Let’s fly!…. Together! Most of our flights are conducted in a multiplayer environment. What are you waiting for? All that we require of our aviators, is you’re connected to the DTP TeamSpeak during your flight, plus don’t spawn on runways and respect other aviators.

3 easy steps to connect to our JoinFS (v3.2.17):

  1. Download JoinFS found here
  2. Create a shortcut to JoinFS, right-click, Properties, Shortcut, and to the target field (after the quote) add a space then paste
    -join -nickname “your nickname”
  3. Execute JoinFS and select File / Scan For Models… feature

You’re connected! Launch your FSX,FSX:SE or P3D(v3,v4,v5) simulator.

A few recommendations to provide the very best results:

  • Fly in Free Flight: JoinFS provides the “multiplayer” environment. No need to use the in-game multiplayer.
  • Lock frame rates to ~30 FPS or less: Frame rates higher than 30 FPS will produce an oscillation effect that is apparent at close visual distances.
  • Setting callsign “label”: You can set your in-game “label” by changing your simulator’s aircraft “Tail Number”.
  • If you require Microsoft .NET, it can be found here