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Pacific Coast Highway “PCH”

A Discover-North America Series Achievement

Also known as California Highway 1, the Pacific Coast Highway is the longest state route in California at just over 656 miles. The PCH begins south of Dana Point in Orange County and ends at US 101 in Mendocino County. It continues through the Oregon and Washington state coastline.

Along the way, the coastal highway passes through such beautiful spots as Monterey, Big Sur, Pebble Beach, Santa Monica, Malibu, and Santa Barbara, to name just a few.

As you fly the Pacific Coast Highway, you’ll encounter jaw-dropping vistas, seaside villages, incredible wildlife, craggy headlands, crashing waves, sandy beaches, and rocky tide pools invite exploring.

Flight Route

Although the below flight plan is Direct-To, make sure to follow the coastline!

  1. Bob Maxwell Airfield to Zamperini KOKB to KTOA (61 nm)
  2. Zamperini to Santa Barbara KTOA to KSBA (84 nm)
  3. Santa Barbara to Rancho San Simeon KSBA to 66CA (95 nm)
  4. Rancho San Simeon to Monterey 66CA to KMRY (69 nm)
  5. Monterey to San Rafael KMRY to CA35 (92 nm)
  6. San Rafael to Little River CA35 to KLLR (95 nm)
  7. Little River to Garberville KLLR to O16 (50 nm)
  8. Garberville to McNamara Field O16 to KCEC (104 nm)
  9. McNamara Field to Southwest Oregon Regional KCEC to KOTH (99 nm)
  10. Southwest Oregon Regional to Siletz Bay State KOTH to S45 (89 nm)
  11. Siletz Bay State to Port of llwaco S45 to 7W1 (87 nm)
  12. Port of llwaco to Forks 7W1 to S18 (99 nm)
  13. Forks to Sequim S18 to W28 (50 nm)


  • Simulator: Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Aircraft: Small GA Single/Twin or Piper Cub

In order to get credit for our flights, please adhere to the below rules

  • Register for the event (teamspeak @
  • Fly during sponsored events or with two or more pilots online.
  • Up to four flight legs a week across all DTP achievements.
  • Real Weather / Real Time / Real Charts / No Slewing / No Time Compression.
  • Any aircraft and form of navigation allowed.
  • If unable to complete a flight, land and save the flight.

As always, meet up with us on TeamSpeak ( for more event details.