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JJ’s Racing Club

Welcome to JJ’s Racing Club – the perfect place for mature, friendly, and fun sim racing. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced driver, everyone is welcome here. Our races feature a variety of cars and tracks, including proven mods for which we’ll provide download links. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask on our TeamSpeak.

Citizen’s Choice (New!)
We’re also excited to introduce a new addition called “Citizen’s Choice”. Once a month, we’ll ask racers to suggest a car/track combination for the next race. Everyone will then vote, and the option with the most votes will be our next race.

Current Simulator and Recommended Mods

  • Our current sim of choice is Assetto Corsa(AC) which can be found here on Steam. The multiplayer server’s name is DigitalThemePark.
  • Content Manager is found here. (Full version recommended)
    • Custom Shaders Patch is found here. The title of this mod doesn’t do it justice as it adds many settings to AC and they are accessible within the Content Manager under Settings/Custom Shaders Patch.
  • Sol graphics/weatherFX app found here at Race Department.
  • Optional, but highly recommended:
    • PURE post-processing app is found here.
    • CrewChiefEx voice spotter app is found here.

Rules and Regulations

  • Register for a race! We would hate to have to turn you away on race day because of a full session.
  • Follow all safety rules as if you were in a real car on a real track.
  • Keep your race sounds from bleeding through your Teamspeak mic.
  • Observe all safety flags and lights.
  • No deliberate distraction of fellow drivers.

Racing Format

  • Confirm with the calendar, but Race Days are Sunday, and Track Days, for group practice, the previous Wednesday. If you want to practice outside of Track Days, we will host the car and track for the entire week previous to a race.
  • We will be tracking Practice lap times to determine the starting order for the race, we will align from the lowest to the fastest time.
  • Prior to the start of the race, our Race Server Admin will reset the server and keep it in the Practice session format for the race.
  • We will do a formation lap so we will exit the pit in start order and go around the track to align ourselves staggered with the #1 car at the starting line.
  • Standing starts will be followed signaled with a “GO!!!” from the assigned Race Steward
  • We will follow a Lap Race format and the number of laps will be posted along with mod links and information.
  • We have decided this season for the server to be set up as No Penalties. This includes bumps, crashes, track cuts, etc. aka we work on the honor system.

Upcoming Event (plus historical list)

2023 Season

2020 Season

  • July 19th – 911 @ Deutschlandring
  • July 12th – TCL @ Road America
  • July 5th – GT3 @ Bathurst
  • June 28th – ’75 Historic F1 @ Nurburgring
  • June 21st – Mustang(2015) @ Imola
  • June 14th – Mazda MX5 @ Zandvoort