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Denmark “LEGO”

A Discover-Europe Series Achievement

Denmark is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. It also includes the autonomous territories of the Faroe Islands and Greenland in the North Atlantic Ocean. Home rule was established in the Faroe Islands in 1948 and in Greenland in 1979; the latter obtained further autonomy in 2009.

Denmark has a temperate climate, characterized by mild winters, with mean temperatures in January of 35°F, and cool summers, with a mean temperature in August of 63°F. The most extreme temperatures recorded in Denmark, since 1874 when recordings began, were 98°F in 1975 and −24.2 °F in 1982.

Those who love science will know that it was not only LEGO that Danes can take credit for inventing. Danes contributed to medical research that led to the discovery of insulin and are real leaders in innovation in the field of wind power! The initial map of Google Maps was built by two Danish brothers. Danes contributed to the invention of the loudspeaker and Bluetooth. We can also thank Danes for quality beer, as they revolutionized the brewing industry by inventing the “purifying” yeast. Danes invented Carlsberg as well as Tuborg beer.

Flight Route

  1. Bornholm to Kastrup EKRN to EKCH (112 nm)
  2. Kastrup to Gronholt EKCH to EKGH (36 nm)
  3. Gronholt to Aversi EKGH to EKFE (94 nm)
  4. Aversi to Hans Christian Andersen EKFE to EKOD (126 nm)
  5. Hans Christian Andersen to Aarhus EKOD to EKAH (114 nm)
  6. Aarhus to Anholt EKAH to EKAT (80 nm)
  7. Anholt to Laeso EKAT to EKLS (113 nm)
  8. Laeso to Vra EKLS to EKVC (74 nm)
  9. Vra to Lindtorp EKVC to EK23 (108 nm)
  10. Lindtorp to Tonder EK23 to EKTD (96 nm)


  • Simulator: Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Aircraft: Small GA Single/Twin

In order to get credit for our flights, please adhere to the below rules

  • Register for the event (TeamSpeak @
  • Fly during sponsored events or with two or more pilots online.
  • Up to four flight legs a week across all DTP achievements.
  • Real Weather / Real Time / Real Charts / No Slewing / No Time Compression.
  • Any aircraft and form of navigation allowed.
  • If unable to complete a flight, land and save the flight.

As always, meet up with us on Discord or TeamSpeak ( for more event details.