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61st Tactical Air Wing “Griffins” Group

Welcome to the 61st Griffins! This squadron accepts pilots from all backgrounds and skill levels. We are more of a close community than a strict military-focused squadron but we all share the same passion for aviation, military operations and training. In DCS, we include mostly all modules within our missions as well as offering historical and hypothetical campaigns, air racing series and unique DCS games.

We are not so strict on concrete training sessions but we do ask everyone to take the steps to learn the basics of their airframe, advanced training can be provided. We are always happy to assist when needed.

Activities take place on multiple servers on most days of the week, we try and cater for multiple time zones as we have members from both the US and EU. Our servers run on different theatres and include almost every module ED has released, if you have a particular request, don’t hesitate to let us know!

We are very excited to be a part of the DigitalThemePark Community.

We fly Sunday Flights in various Aircraft and Venues at 10:00a PST / 1:00p EST / 1700hrs GMT and all are welcome to join in.

Check with #missions-briefing discord channel with common English being the main language.

We use the DigitalThemePark Teamspeak ( dedicated cloud VoIP server while flying.

Links of interest at the 61st: