Combat Division

Welcome to the DigitalThemePark Combat Division. Hosted around ARMA 3 and Digital Combat Simulator (DCS), we have various events, exercises, training courses and challenge flights that range from fun and relaxing to a few that will challenge and test your skills. We concentrate more on the learning aspect and host Player vs. Environment(PvE) sessions. All our resources use dedicated servers “in-the-cloud” for all our 24/7 dedicated Multiplayer services. These are typically executed as group events in TeamSpeak.

DCS Server Multiplayer Names:

  • [US] DigitalThemePark 1 (SRS & TeamSpeak3)
  • [US] DigitalThemePark 2 (SRS & TeamSpeak3)
  • [US] DigitalThemePark 3 (SRS & TeamSpeak3)

ARMA3 Server Multiplayer Names:

Below are the a few of our recent Combat Division events.

New to DigitalThemePark? Talk to us directly using TeamSpeak ( and connect(ctrl-s) or create a bookmark to Look for our staff members: Zoolander64, Rowan, Fantastic Ergo, or fxrsniper.