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Netherlands “Tulip”

A Discover-Europe Series Achievement

The Netherlands, informally Holland, is a country located in northwestern Europe with overseas territories in the Caribbean. It is the largest of four constituent countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Netherlands consists of twelve provinces; it borders Germany to the east, and Belgium to the south, with a North Sea coastline to the north and west. It shares maritime borders with the United Kingdom, Germany, and Belgium in the North Sea.

The country’s official language is Dutch, with West Frisian as a secondary official language in the province of Friesland. Dutch, English, and Papiamento are official in the Caribbean territories.

Amsterdam is the country’s most populous city and the nominal capital. The Port of Rotterdam is the busiest seaport in Europe. Schiphol is the busiest airport in the Netherlands and the third busiest in Europe.

The Netherlands is known for its bulb fields, windmills, cheese markets, wooden shoes, canals of Amsterdam and the red light district, Heineken (world’s second-largest beer company, Delft Blue earthenware, innovative water management, and millions of bicycles. The Dutch are the tallest people in the world and there are 1000+ historical windmills in the Netherlands.

Flight Route

  1. Tonder to Groningen EKTD to EHGG (138 nm)
  2. Groningen to Den Hender De Kooy EHGG to EHKD (93 nm)
  3. Den Hender De Kooy to Twenthe AB EHKD to EHTW (104 nm)
  4. Twenthe AB to Schiphol EHTW to EHAM (93 nm)
  5. Schiphol to Volkel EHAM to EHVK (89 nm)
  6. Volkel to Rotterdam EHVK to EHRD (51 nm)
  7. Rotterdam to Maastricht-Aachen EHRD to EHBK (113 nm)
  8. Maastricht-Aachen to Middem-Zeeland EHBK to EHMZ (115 nm)


  • Simulator: Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Aircraft: Small GA Single/Twin

In order to get credit for our flights, please adhere to the below rules

  • Register for the event (TeamSpeak @
  • Fly during sponsored events or with two or more pilots online.
  • Up to four flight legs a week across all DTP achievements.
  • Real Weather / Real Time / Real Charts / No Slewing / No Time Compression.
  • Any aircraft and form of navigation allowed.
  • If unable to complete a flight, land and save the flight.

As always, meet up with us on Discord or TeamSpeak ( for more event details.