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91st Bombardment Group (H)

We are a WWII re-enactment group that uses Prepar3D, FSX or XPlane-11 to teach Virtual Pilots how to fly period aircraft online. We operate the B-17, P-47, P-51, Spitfire and C-47 and many others while teaching each other the history of the 91st and the “Ragged Irregulars of Bassingbourn”. We offer B-17 Flight Training in conjunction with our Certified Pilot Program. We supply the scenery, effects and historically correct aircraft textures.

Our website and Facebook pages.

Did I mention we have “flak”? “Flak” is when an 88mm projectile exploded at altitude, it sent out jagged metal fragments that tore through nearby aircraft. It can damage your B-17 when our “Pucker Module” in installed. It can get “Busy and Real” when you have just dropped and look back to see your Bombs exploding on target and “flak” bursting all around you. “Flak” that can hurt!

(Pucker Module courtesy of Terry “Sleeper” Flemming)
(Mission Design courtesy of Paul “Gypsy Baron” Strogen)

Our 2nd in command, Gypsy Baron, posts Formal Missions are once a month. Check out our calendar where you can sign up.

We fly Daily Fun Flights in various Aircraft and Venues at 8:15 PST / 11:15 EST and all are welcome to join in.

We use the DigitalThemePark Teamspeak and their JoinFS dedicated cloud servers while flying.

The A2A B-17 is an astonishingly realistic aircraft to fly, and formation of B-17’s is not only a sight to behold, but an art form for a Virtual Pilot. We operate a 10 Stage “B-17 Certified Pilot Program” that leads to Instructor and Check Rider status for those who complete it.

Interested? Check out our website and Facebook pages.

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