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Gunter’s Sunday World Flights

Join us every Sunday for about 2 hrs when we fly somewhere in the world. We are using different airplanes for these flights, from small GA planes to jets. No experience is necessary. If you have ever wanted to give multiplayer flying a try and have not known where to start and enjoy a calm and relaxed environment with like-minded others, this is the place for you.

  • Where: Meet up on TeamSpeak3 server
  • When: Every Sunday at 8:00a PT / 11:00a ET / 1600 UTC
  • Requirements: Your simulator and aircraft of choice

Sunday, May 22, and May 29 flight details:

Hi all,

This will be a flight plan for a visit to Costa Rica. We will need two flights to explore this country between Panama and Nicaragua. I will post an updated flight plan for the second flight after we finished part I.

The country is considered one of the most progressive in Latin America. For example, the army was abolished as early as 1948 in favor of promoting education and health programs, the country generates almost 100 % of its electricity from renewable sources, and ecotourism is strongly promoted. About 27 % of the country’s land is protected.

By international standards, Costa Rica stands out for its successful political and economic transformation. Unlike many other countries in the region, it has been a stable democracy since the 1950s and, thanks to early sociopolitical measures, was spared the problems of social unrest, civil wars, and dictatorships that were widespread in 20th-century Latin America. In the face of armed conflicts in neighboring countries at the time, it declared its “permanent and active unarmed neutrality” in 1983 and is also referred to as “the Switzerland of Central America.”

We depart from Sirena (MRSN) in the southwest of Costa Rica and fly east to reach Finca 63 (MRFS). From here we follow the west coast with some detours inland and land at Buenos Aires (MRBA), La Bonita (MRNI), La Managua (MRQP), and Juan Santamaria (MROC). Juan Santamaria is the international airport in San José, Costa Rica’s capital city. From here we turn west again and land at Dos Marías (MRDM), Palo Arco (MRPA), Nicoya (MRNC), Nosara (MRNS), and Tamarindo (MRTM) before we reach the next international airport Daniel Orduber Quirós (MRLB), which is the most northerly point of this flight.

We leave the Pacific Ocean and turn east towards the Caribbean Sea and land at Hacienda (MRHP), El Tanque (MRAN), De Guapiles (MRGP), and Barra de Parismina (MRBP) before we reach the final stop at Aeropuerto Limón (MRLM).

The whole flight has 462 miles and we will finish the first part about two hours after departure. I will be in the Kodiak, please fly what you like.

There are some freeware scenery add-ons available for this flight:

Finca 63 Airport: <>

La Managua Airport: <>

San José Airport: <>

Tamarindo Airport: <>

Daniel Oduber Quiros Airpoirt: <>

El Tanque Airport: <>

Guapiles Airport: <>

Limon Airport: <>

If possible, fly in real weather. Your simulator flight time should be set for a 3:30 pm (local) departure.

The flight plans (MSFS) can be found here: <ms onedrive zip>

I included a flight plan for the TDS GTN 750 with all waypoints defined as user waypoints.



Please note that there will be no flight on May 15!