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Gunter’s Sunday World Flights

Join us every Sunday for about 2 hrs when we fly somewhere in the world. We are using different airplanes for these flights, from small GA planes to jets. No experience is necessary. If you have ever wanted to give multiplayer flying a try and have not known where to start and enjoy a calm and relaxed environment with like-minded others, this is the place for you.

  • Where: Meet up on TeamSpeak3 server
  • When: Every Sunday at 08:00a PT / 11:00p ET / 1600 UTC
  • Requirements: Your simulator and aircraft of choice

Sunday, March 26 flight:

Hi all,

Today we will visit parts of Indonesia. We depart from Bandar Lampung (WILL) on the southern tip of the island of Sumatra. We cross over to the island of Java and land at Jakarta (WIII), Bandung (WICC), Penggung (WICD), Semarang (WAHS), Yogyakarta (WAHH), and Madun (WARI) before we reach today’s destination Surabaya (WARR). On the way, we will pass over a number of active volcanoes!

The flight has 625 miles, so we want to be fast, real fast! This flight was intended for jets (or Warbirds), cruising at about 350 knots. I will be in the SSW F-104G in the NAW2 colors (stock). As always, please fly what you like.

There are 5 addons available. They are not required.

WILL Airport: <>

WIII Airport: <>

WICC Airport: <>

WAHH Airport: <>

WARR Airport: <>

Please set your simulator for a 3:15 pm local departure. We will try real weather.




Please note that we change the departure time due to the change to daylight saving time to 16:00 UTC (08:00 PT and 11:00 ET).

The next flight plan will be posted for April 9!