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DCS Monthly Operations

From time to time, we host various DCS theater missions. These typically contain multi-role aircraft, helicopters and other numerous assets. Consult the calendar for the next upcoming mission. A few checklist items when considering a mission:

  • Election of Commander
    • Candidates determined through nomination or by request
    • In the case of no nominations or by request, one will be assigned
    • The Commander should NOT fly the mission, but the decision is up to them. If the Commander does fly and killed, they are finished and removed from all comms.
  • Mission Review and Planning
    • To be posted at start time of workshop
  • Commanders determination and delegation of tasks
    • Aspects of mission planning:
      • Terrain analysis (areas of operations and interest and avenues of approach)
      • Threat analysis
      • Weather analysis
      • Facts and Assumptions
      • Limitations on the operation
      • Specified tasks
      • Implied tasks
      • Essential tasks
      • Weapons usage and loadout
      • Code names and comms
    • Delegation of tasks assignments
      • Expect air to air engagement
      • Expect surface to air engagement
      • Expect ground precision attack
    • Assignment of flight leads and task (Primary and Secondary)

Course Prerequisites:
– Review what you have learned in previous workshops

Below are the events: (latest to earliest)