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Snowrunner with Friends

Join us at DigitalThemePark for some online co-op fun in the mud and snow. If you are looking for a group of mature players that enjoy multiplayer and good fun, mosey in our direction. We have a weekly get-together and split into groups of 4 (max number of players in multiplayer).

If you are new to the game, we welcome you as no experience is needed.

Game Info: SnowRunner puts you in the driver’s seat of powerful vehicles as you conquer extreme open environments with the most advanced terrain simulation ever. Drive 40 vehicles from brands such as Ford, Chevrolet, and Freightliner as you leave your mark on an untamed open world. You can play with a keyboard, controller, or wheel.

Started Nov 5th, Friday, 6:00p PT / 9:00p ET / 0200 UTC
Teamspeak3 @

As always, meet up with us on TeamSpeak ( for more event details.