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Bruce Saunders RIP

Bruce Saunders (DigitalThemePark’s BruceE) who many of you have had contact with via DigitalThemePark and various forums has sadly passed away. He caught the COVID-19 virus and was admitted to hospital on the 24th of April and after fighting against the virus had to be placed on a ventilator. He eventually succumbed to the damage to his lungs and kidneys on Sunday the 3rd of May.

Bruce was active in a number of areas and forums as part of his flight simulation life. Bruce was a keen advocate of the use of the A2A GA aircraft and these were always on his short list for our OZx flights. In particular he enjoyed the Comanche and the Spitfire.

He was very active in the OZx forums early on. More recently he had been involved in the Orbx Addon Scenery forums working to make the OZx airfields work in with the new Orbx Australia version 2. He spent a lot of time flying with DigitalThemePark, and PilotEdge where he achieved all their qualifications.

Lately a lot of his attention has been with the planning of Friday and Tuesday night flights for the OZx flying club. These flights were undertaken using DigitalThemePark and JoinFS Servers.

Bruce’s contribution will be sorely missed with his enthusiasm and planning being driving forces in the success of the OZx Flying Club. He recently purchased new computer equipment, and recently updated to P3Dv5; it was good that he was able to use both of these in pursuit of his favorite pastime before he left us.

Join us for a commemorative flight, Friday May, 22nd May at 0930z


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