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Mission “Hodor”



With the independence of Georgia in 1991, the border became both international and contentious. After the armed conflict in 2008, Russia recognized the Russian-occupied territories of Georgia as the independent republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, so the border between Georgia and Russia, from the Russian point of view, has become much shorter and is separated into two portions, a western one between Abkhazia and South Ossetia and an eastern one between South Ossetia and Azerbaijan.

From the Georgian perspective, the Russian–Georgian border did not change after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Today, Russia is challenging the border by force. Their intentions are to launch Theater Ballistic Missiles (TBM) on unspecified targets in Georgia.

It is anticipated that the United States will be asked to provide both air and ground assets in support of Georgian sovereignty to take out primary targets and hold the border.  US Navy assets in the region are to commence the development of combat operations planning accordingly.

152305Z Update: Our ground forces need a corridor to move troops and equipment North. We need to take out at least one SAM site along the contested border. Our usage of this corridor during the operation will provide ample cover for our ground forces.

171807Z Update: Russian command received news of the change of BLUE bullseye placed nearby their SAM site outside the town of TUAPSE. Recent satellite images show previous SA-3 sites replaced with SA-11. NATO Intel is unsure how many of these sites are yet fully active and if the original SA-3 sites are still in use. The RED forces in the town of TUAPSE are in full alert. Heavy Russian ground and naval forces now exist. All BLUE forces are to avoid this town and coastal waters at all costs!

Strategic Tasks (in order)

  • SAM SA-11 site
    • Commander to determine the best site to support the ground supply advancement.
    • At a minimum, one SAM site must be destroyed to establish a BLUE corridor through the contested border.
    • Usage of this corridor is required to provide air cover protecting ground supply advancement.
  • Storage warehouse containing 8 TBM & 4 launch vehicles
    • Primary bombing target
    • Target precise coordinates are N45°00.7940′, E39°04.1050, 93 ft
  • Headquarter Command and Control building
    • Secondary bombing target
    • Target precise coordinates are N45°00.7740′, E39°04.0180, 92 ft

Available Resources

  • Bullseye at N44°08, E39°02
  • Local Intel – Georgian and Azerbaijan government and local citizens
  • Satellite Intel
    • Map view of Area of Operation, < pdf >
    • Medium detail map view of targets, < pdf >
    • High detail map view of targets, < pdf >
    • Satellite view of TBM warehouse, < jpg >
    • Satellite view of Headquarters(outlined), < jpg >
  • AWACS – To be active during the strike mission
  • Ground Troops – US ARMY 25th Ground Infantry repositioned at MGRS grid LP44, awaiting Commanders orders to advance.
  • Tankers and launch/recovery assets
    • KC-130 – Refueling Tankers (Orbit pattern)
      • Tanker 1: TACAN 31x, Comm 265 MHz
      • Tanker 2: TACAN 32x, Comm 266 MHz
      • From N43°, E40°
      • Direct To N44°52, E37°
    • CVN-71 – Theodore Roosevelt Carrier
      • TACAN 71x, Comm 264 MHz, ICLS Channel 1
      • Stationary at N43°02, E38°24
      • Refueler S-3B: TACAN 1Y, Comm 267 MHz

Threat Evaluation

  • Air to Air defense latest inventory
    • Krasnodar-Center airfield
      • 4 Su-27’s patrolling 30 nm area
      • 14 Su-27’s fueled and armed
      • Latest recon at 171805Z
    • Gelendzhik and Novorossiysk airfield
      • 4 Su-27’s patrolling 30 nm area
      • Unknown aircraft fueled and armed
      • Latest recon at 171701Z
    • Krymsk airfield
      • 12 Su-27’s patrolling 30 nm area
      • 14 Su-27’s fueled and armed
      • Latest recon at 171822Z
    • Maykop-Khanskaya airfield
      • 10 Su-27’s patrolling 30 nm area
      • 8 Su-27’s fueled and armed
      • Latest recon at 171846Z
    • Mineralnye Vody airfield
      • 0 patrolling aircraft
      • 10 Su-27’s fueled and armed
      • Latest recon at 171905Z
  • Ground to Air Defenses
    • SA-11 sites along the contested Russia-Georgia border.
    • Map view of SAM area, < pdf >
    • Latest recon at 172123Z


  • Magnetic Variation is 6° East
  • URKK 172200Z 03002KT P10SM SA DR CAVOK  21/13 A2994
    • URKK – Krasnodar/Pashkovsky Airport, N45°02′ / E39°10′
    • 172200Z – Forecast prepared on the 17th day of the month at 2200Z.
    • 03002KT – Wind 030° at 02 knots
    • P10SM – Visibility more than 10 statute miles
    • SA DR – Sand, Low Drifting
    • CAVOK – Ceiling And Visibility OK
    • 21/13 – Temp 21°C, dew point 13°C
    • A29.94 – Altimeter setting 29.94 inHg

171121Z Commander Request’s to High Command

  • Allow Infantry to “go after” SAM sites near the border
    • APPROVED: Sat map updated.
    • High command is impressed with your use of this resource.
    • The US ARMY 25th Ground Infantry, previously positioned at MGRS EK40, has been re-positioned overnight to advance on the Kamennomostskoe SAM site approximately 2 nm from city center in MGRS LP44.
    • Along with the corridor that your flight wing creates and protects for a supply chain to advance through, this opens up a second “bridge” to the North.
  • Ask CVN to move South about 30 miles
    • Assumption request is referring to CVN-71 fleet.
    • APPROVED: Re-positioned the fleet overnight from MGRS DJ61 to be anchored in MGRS DH56.
  • Friendly Bullseye to be located directly South of Krasnodar @ TUAPSE beacon station 381.00khz on the coast LAT: N. 44 8 Long: E. 39 2
    • Assumption request is referring to forces friendly to BLUE and not RED or NEUTRAL.
    • APPROVED: Due to the bullseye being repositioned during the NATO occupation of the theater 25 weeks ago, it was a monumental task of political finagling and string pulling, but we made it happen for you, Commander! In return, you have promised to host the house party of the century at your personal residents for all NATO countries involved!
    • NOTAM: BLUE bullseye is now located at N44°08, E39°02.

121420Z Commander Request’s to High Command

  • Alternate airbase: Prefer Solchi-Adler or Gudauta
    • The Georgian Government is not able to provide security for US assets that far north. TBILISI has been offered as an alternate.
  • Relocate CVN-71 battle group to 30 nm NW of Sochi
    • APPROVED, Relocated and removed previous route.
  • AWACS relocated North of Sochi Adler with 100 miles of target area
    • “AWACS – To be active during the strike mission”
    • APPROVED: High command has confirmed that AWACS will be available.
  • Requesting reconnaissance of target area prior to launching mission
    • “Satellite Intel – Recent as of 24 hr before strike mission”
    • APPROVED: High command has confirmed the intel will be available.
  • Will AI respawn after destruction
    • Negative. Once an enemy asset is destroyed, it will not respawn.
    • There will be a finite amount of enemy assets.

Course Prerequisites:
– Review what you have learned in previous workshops