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Microsoft Flight Simulator Release Party

What: MSFS Release Party
When: This week through the big release on the 18th.
Where: TeamSpeak, connect to

You are cordially invited to our week-long Microsoft Flight Simulator release party. Join us to celebrate, learn, ask questions, make friends, and fly or just hang out.

No experience is necessary. If you have ever wanted to give flight simulators a try and have not known where to start and enjoy a calm and relaxed environment with like-minded others, this is for you.

This is an event you will not want to miss.

Throughout this week, in preparation for the release, we will be hosting various workshops and discussions:

Wednesday, 20:00Z to 0600Z (12p PT to 10p PT)
– Getting Started with Simulators
– Optimal Hardware and Controller Discussions
– Optimizing Your Hardware

Thursday, 15:00Z to 0600Z (8a PT to 10p PT)
– MSFS Purchasing Options
– Configuration of Controls
– System and General Optimization

Friday, 15:00Z to 0600Z (8a PT to 10p PT)
– 3rd Party and the Marketplace

Saturday, 15:00Z to 0600Z (8a PT to 10p PT)
– Flying with Others Discussion
– Communication and Etiquette

Sunday, 15:00Z to 0600Z (8a PT to 10p PT)
– Revisit of the above topics

Monday/Tuesday, ALL DAY!
The Celebration, the Festivity, the Shindig, the Hootenanny…the Party!

Post Event Fun Fact: During this week long event we logged 1,220 citizen attendees!


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