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Operation “Island Style III”

CODENAME: “Island Style III”

Acknowledge via the DigitalThemePark TeamSpeak3 to TBob, FALKAN, or BBall your interest in signing up at least 7 days before the mission.

Saturday, May 22nd (1200 hrs CDT / 1700Z), the VFS 32nd Arctic Knights will be conducting the next in our series of Persian Gulf missions authored by BBall and Falkan, hosted by DigitalThemePark.

“Island Style III” the Battle of Khasab, will be a continuation of the previous mission set to stop the Iranian aggression in the Persian Gulf. With an emphasis on the ground battle to retake the Oman Peninsula, air to ground flight operations will be the central theme of this mission. Air superiority is NOT assured, so air to air combat will continue to play an important role in our storyline. Airframes available to be flown by human pilots include: AV-8B Harriers, A-10C II Warthogs, F/A-18C Hornets, F-14B Tomcats, F-16C Vipers and the venerable UH-1H Huey.

Pre-sign up will be mandatory!

We will hold an “in-depth” pre-mission briefing in the 32nd Arctic Knights teamspeak (DigitalThemePark) server. This meeting will take place on Saturday, May 15th, (1200 hrs CDT / 1700Z). We STRONGLY recommend you attend this briefing. LOTS of very useful information will be discussed, to include the addition of a human JSTARS controller to augment our situational awareness.

If you have questions: BBall, Falkan, or TBob can be found in the 32nd Arctic Knight teamspeak (DigitalThemePark) server.

Software / Modules Needed:

  • DCS Open Beta (latest version),
  • DCS Persian Gulf Module,
  • DCS Supercarrier Module,
  • TeamSpeak and SRS (for in-flight comms),
  • One of the following above mentioned airframe modules