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Workshop 4: VFR Airfield Ops

In this session, we cover the following topics:

  • VFR airfield pattern operations,
  • Revisiting “on speed”,
  • Refresher on communication,
  • Pilot Proficiency Demonstration,
  • Discuss next sessions homework

Course Prerequisites:
– Watch Flying Basics: ATC, Take off, Landing & Airfield Circuits,
– From the above YouTube description, review their “GUIDE PDF”
– Watch “DCS 2020 | A-10C WARTHOG | EASY LANDING”
– Review “Chuck’s Guide”, part 5 (takeoffs) and part 6 (approach and landing)
– Review “DCS A-10C Flight Manual”, pages 494-501, 509-512
– Review “Tbilisi-Lochini Airport Chart”

Comm frequencies
Wingman Radio 2 – Set manually (M) to 31x.00 MHz
Flight Lead Radio 3 – Default to 30.00 MHz

Extra credit if you can identify the above airfield!

“I just want to tell you, good luck.
We’re all counting on you.”

Dr. Rumack, Airplane!

…and “Knowledgeable Hamsters Get Radios” said the first “A-10”