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ATC Comm Workshop for Newbies

“mic fright”, “brain lock”, “tongue-tied” are all terms you have heard real or virtual pilots describe their first time/attempt using the aircraft’s comm radios. Many of us want to be perceived as being perfect in public. People who are normally very eloquent will freeze up when you put a microphone in front of their mouth. It’s tough to be natural in an unnatural situation, even for professionals.

Okay…so that last paragraph wasn’t fair and we hope we didn’t scare you away from this post. 🙂

If you want to …ease… into using comms, why not give this workshop a go!

What if there was a place to learn in a relaxed atmosphere? DigitalThemePark has traditionally been an initial stepping stone for many on the path to PilotEdge and VATSIM (Excellent services and highly recommended!), especially during our weekly Discover and Achievement flights. We have put together a series of workshops that keep it fun, entertaining, and a bit of learning too. Our methods are to help you Understand, Interpret, and Learn.

Below are a few of the topics we will cover in the upcoming weeks:

  • We want to first work on overcoming “mic fright” that all of us get.
  • Learn the aviation communication language and the importance of brevity.
  • Learn and understand the 5 W’s:
    • Who you are talking to?
    • Who you are?
    • Where you are?
    • What do you want to do?
    • Who you are talking to?
  • Learn and practice the basic traffic pattern
    • Non-controlled airports and airspace
    • Controlled airports and airspace
    • Practicing in busy traffic
  • Learn airspace transitioning and the associated interactions
  • Being comfortable with all of the above and most of all having a good time!

Heck let’s start with the basics in three easy steps and learn something right now!

  • The initial contact “You make a request to air traffic control”
  • The instructions “They give you specific instructions to follow”
  • The readback “You repeat these instructions to confirm that you understood them correctly”

Simple right?

Starting Oct 31st, Sunday, 8:00a PT / 11:00p ET / 1600 UTC
Teamspeak3 @


As always, meet up with us on TeamSpeak ( for more event details.

I love flying. I haven’t flown for 30 years because of high blood pressure, but before that, I lived in the air. I started when I was 16. I’ve forgotten a lot but the simulator keeps me flying. DigitalThemePark brought back a lot of things, so this training is for me. The key is to have fun. The more you fly the easier it gets.

– Al (DigitalThemePark Citizen)


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